Friday, June 30, 2006

Bizzy Bee

So, I'm at Knit Chicks yesterday, and Margie says to me "Ya know, Lia, I've been checking your blog every day, and I haven't seen anything new this week." Well, let me tell you, I have been one bizzy bee!!! And, yes, I do know how to spell busy, but I think "z"'s are cuter, and hey, it's MY blog ;)

I promised happy feet, but my feet aren't so happy... I did finish my pastel trekking socks, and just have to weave in the ends. I got one Cascade sock almost finished, but left it at my Mom's house on Monday night. I took a really cool train trek last week, and got one of the red, white, and blue socks 1/2 finished.

I've been busy knitting and sewing for The Preemie Project and Lucybug.

Oh! And guess what I did last weekend??? I went to see Steven Seagal. Uh-huh! In person! Personally, I think he is a total hottie, and one of about 2 men on the face of the earth that actually looks good in a ponytail. I'm an Army brat - I like the buzz cut!

This weekend is my favorite weekend of the year - I luv 4th of July!! I guess it has to do with the Army brat thing, being patriotic and all. There are so many things to love about this holiday - it is hot, so there will be swimming in the pool, Jared will be manning the grill, the blueberries are in, there will be parades, and best of all - fireworks! What's not to love??

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