Friday, June 02, 2006

Fridays are for quilting!!

Yep - Fridays are my quilting days. One of the KALs I joined is the Blue & Gold Along. It isn't technically a KAL, because you can do whatever craft tickles you at the moment, as long as it is Blue and Gold. I have a couple of baby quilts that I am working on...well, I have the fabric washed a pressed for them. I'll have to fire up the rotary cutter and get the top pieced tonight.

Last night was Knit Chicks, and we had a great time, and someone got a prezzy!!! Jenn's mom made this gorgeous bag for Margie. It has a gold lining with lots and lots of pockets for knitty goodies! Margie was glued to the webcam when the panda babies were born, so she loved the embroidered design. When I find that winning lotto ticket in the bottom of my purse, I'm gonna get one of those fancy-pants computerized sewing machines, uh-huh, sure am!

It seems that the weatherman was a bit confused, and it is not pouring, as expected. I might actually get a little trekking in later this afternoon - gotta love summer hours!

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