Thursday, June 15, 2006

I thought Wednesdays were for Crochet??

Well, this Wednesday was for getting TRHM ready to leave in the morning for the biggest show of the season. He is going by himself because my favorite son's HS graduation is this weekend. When we had to make arrangements to attend the show, the date for graduation had not been set, and it was possible that it would be on Friday, the 17th. This show is at a convention center, and the Teamsters get to haul the inventory for us, so we were busy taping the boxes securely (why, yes, that is the handman's secret weapon that I am wielding), and labeling them with our table number, business name and box number. All together, there are 28 boxes, heading to Pittsburgh with TRHM today.

I started to crochet, and got 1/2 a row done. Shameful, I know, but by the time we got all the boxes taped and loaded, I was just too tired. I'll do some extra work on it tomorrow.

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