Friday, June 16, 2006

A Suburban Mini-Trek

Today, Jenn, Owen and Margie drove all the way from West Chester, PA, to Lawrenceville, NJ (about 1 and 1/2 hours) just to have lunch with little ol' me - I feel so special!

They met me at work, and we went out to lunch at Penang's, a great Malaysian restaurant in Lawrenceville. Owen was not too thrilled about going to lunch, but loved sitting on the bench with Margie watching the cars in the parking lot.

We went from lunch to Pins & Needles - the best yarn shop in Princeton! I love this shop because they have a wonderful selection, and without a doubt, the nicest staff, ever! They are always so cheerful and helpful, and enthusiastic about knitting and needlepoint (the have a wonderful selection of needlepoint goodies, too). If you are ever in Princeton, be sure to check them out!

We walked a couple of blocks from the car to the shop, and Owen picked out a skein of Koigu. I am pretty sure he said "This one tastes the best, Momma. Get this one!"

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