Friday, June 30, 2006

A Train Trek

I dropped a major hint that a really awesome trek was coming up. Some of you knew about it, and were even in on my devious plot to deceive TRHM.

The set-up: TRHM was off to Pittsburgh to ply his wares with the great horde of furries at Anthrocon. Although excited at the prospect of having a successful show, this was the first show that he would do on his own since we met, and he was not looking forward to that. I stayed home because my favorite son was scheduled to graduate from high school, and I did not know the exact date when we were making the arrangements to be dealers at the show.

Enter Jenn, usually an honest and above-board person, she helped me decieve TRHM. She sent him an e-mail asking him to meet a "college friend" in the lobby of his hotel to pick up a handmade ceramic lamp. This story was very well planned and executed, and resulted in TRHM responding with a "no problem!" e-mail. In Jenn's words, "The fish is on the hook!"

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was preparing for my train trek. Destination: Pittsburgh! I took the train from Hammonton into Philadelphia, then hopped on Amtrak and headed west. It took all day, and I got some serious knitting in while I was watching the countryside go by. If you haven't done this, you really should - the train tracks follow the river bed, and it really is a pretty ride. The seats are wide and comfy, and recline with pop-up leg rests.

My plan was to show up in the lobby of his hotel at the appointed hour, and whisk him away to this fabulous B&B. Well, Amtrak and CSX botched that one. We were at a dead stop, waiting for the freight train ahead of us to pull onto a siding so we could go past. I got a phone call at 7:30 pm. It was TRHM. He was not happy. "Where the heck is Jenn's friend? I've been waiting in the lobby for 30 minutes, now. Is she going to show up or what??" I placated him by promising to call Jenn and find out what was happening. I asked the conductor how much further to Pittsburgh. Another 45 minutes, provided we don't get stuck behind any freight trains. Bummer. Knowing that I couldn't string him along for another hour, I made the call. "Honey, I have something to tell you, and you aren't allowed to be mad at me, okay? I'm Jenn's friend." When it sunk in that I was on my way to Pittsburgh, and would be there shortly, he was very pleased.

So we went to the B&B, got checked in, and headed to a local Irish pub for dinner. It was an awesome trek, TRHM was surprised and thrilled to see me.

The music room. Isn't it pretty? There is also a grand piano in the room, and the inlaid panelling is lovely!

Our Room. I loved the stained glass window, and the bed was very comfy. We had a private bath with a dressing room. The view of the courtyard and garden below was very nice.

Breakfast!! De-lish!! The best fruit salad I have ever had, with very sweet fresh pineapple. There were bagels, English muffins, toast of several varieties, cereal, cinnamon buns, and lots of other yummy things.

We had a fantastic time, and the sock got to see lots of interesting things!

Including the Purple Furry Eater - he got me!!


Jenn said...

Yeah, I got an angry email from him, too - "Your friend never showed up!"

I'm really not usually a liar!!

Lia said...

Nah, he was just teasing ... he thought the whole thing was very cute, and he appreciated your help.

Mama Bear said...

Loved the account of the weekend! I have been known to fool my husband in a similar way :)