Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday's are for Cross-Stitch

And it is a good thing, too, because my knitting has all gone to hell in, well, a knitting basket!!

I can't seem to get my Trekking sock yarn and my needles in the same place at the same time, and every time I think I'll cast on for them, I have one but not the other! Not to mention the fact that every time the weather is good enough for a trek, I am stuck at work. I finally tried on my Cascade Fixation sock, and clearly heard the call of the frogs... It is comfy, but I don't like the fabric at all, I used size 4 needles, and the fabric is too "loose". I think I'll try again using size 3's. I have a small knitting project in my desk at work for my lunch breaks - it is a blanket to go with some caps and booties I knit for The Preemie Project. Well, I decided to modify a regular pattern for an isolette size, and didn't calculate the pattern carefully enough - it is a reapeat of 8, not 6, so when I got to the end of the 15th row, where the pattern begins, I found that I was 5 stitches short! On the bright side, it is really nice in all garter stitch, so that is what I will do - no frogging required.

So I cross-sitched instead. I am working on a Lavender and Lace angel, called The Angel of Light. I love this pattern, and even though parts are slow going, I can really see the progress. I am working on the wings, having completed the flowing gown. I still have to finish the bodice and do the face. After all of the cross-stitching is done, the beadwork will be next.

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