Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An Urban Trek - FINALLY!!!!

I finally got to take my trek - everything came together:

  • Yarn? Check.
  • Needles? Check.
  • Pattern? Check.
  • Great Company? Check, check, check, and check!
  • Refreshment? Check!
  • Awesome Destination? Check!

After double checking my knitting bag, off I went. I was planning to take the train, so I could cast on, but TRHM made me late ;) so I drove to Chinatown to meet up with Margie and Jenn. The weather was wonderful, and I just knew it would be a great trek! Jenn's hubby, George, and her baby, Owen were with her, and I met them all at Ocean Harbor for dim sum. We had a yummy, yummy time, and it was off to Loop to see Wendy!!

We started in Chinatown after lunch at the Ocean Harbor. The first stop was the supermarket where everyone got some tasty treats to take home.

We went past City Hall and stopped for a photo op at the Giant Clothespin.

Twenty blocks later, we arrived at Loop. As we came in the door, we saw Wendy checking out the yarn - how exciting! Wendy was there already!! We listened to her read from her book, and got our books signed. Owen was ready to go home, so Margie, George and Owen headed off for home. I decided to walk back to Chinatown, to my car, and took the scenic route. I walked through the chic shopping district on Walnut St, down to Rittenhouse Square, where I finally sat down and cast-on for my sock. As I was knitting away on my sock, watching everyone walk their little doggies, a very nice lady came and sat with me and knit away on a purse she was making.
It was a wonderful (first) trek - I logged almost 4 miles, and got about an inch done on my sock. Progress pictures to follow...


Uli said...

That looks like a great trek. Thanks for sharing.

Wool Winder said...

Enjoyed your urban trek. I've never seen a giant clothespin before.

margene said...

Urban Treks are fun! Look at all the sights you saw. Thanks for sharing and looknig foward to progress shots.

Elisabeth said...

Hurray for urban trekking! I'm wondering, though, what the significance is of the giant clothespin.

Sarah said...

OOOh, I love Philly! (I live in Washington, DC Suburbs.) Your Trek sounds like so much fun! Its really cool that someone just joined you on a bench to knit...and you got to see Wendy too! Happy Trekking.