Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another Train Trek

Last night, I took the train into Atlantic City to meet up with TRHM. It was a beautiful night, nice and cool, breezy and low humidity. We went to The House of Blues for dinner at the Showboat casino. We had originally planned to get some take out from PF Changs (they have wonderful house lo mein) and walk on the boardwalk a bit, but couldn't find parking. Dinner was great, and on the way out, we stopped at the nickel machines outside the restaurant. TRHM won the cost of dinner - WOO-HOO!! Nothing like free dinner at HOB!! I won $1.50. whoop-ee. Not even enough to get a frap at Starbucks. Not even a little one. Good thing I had my debit card.

We drove over to Harrah's, and parked on the roof to watch the fireworks. They were pretty cool! There was a family with the same idea, and they had a little fella (about 8 or 9) who was bounching off the walls with excitement. The fireworks were scheduled to begin at 9:15. They started at 9:45. I think the little fella was asleep by 10. Poor little guy, he missed it.

Whenever I watch fireworks, I remember a story my Grampa told me about taking my cousin, Mike, to see fireworks when he was about 5. After the fireworks show ended, Mike yelled out "Do it again, God!! Do it again!!" I wonder if Mike thinks about that when he watches fireworks?

So there was a train ride, dinner, slot-winning, frappucinos, fireworks, and what else? Knitting! Of course! I started a felted bag. I am using Noro Kureyon. It will be felted, lined and sent to The Preemie Project for their craft sale at the end of this month. I worked a bit on the RWB trekking sock, but I don't like the way the heel flap is coming out, so I will probably rip back and start it over again. There weren't any pictures because the camera batteries were dead. ERRRRRR.... But it is a nice sunny day, so there will be pics later!

Today, I am sewing (bereavement bears, preemie quilts, tote bags), making blueberry jam, and blueberry pies. TRHM is working, so I have the day to myself!

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Mama Bear said...

Love your Grampa's fireworks story.