Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Caution - the aliens are landing!!

I have finally gotten started on the Lotus Blossom Tank. I have to say that I didn't see alien heads when the other knitters mentioned them, but when I looked at the photo of my LBT, all I see are alien heads, and it is beginning to skeeve me. Personally, I'm not a sci-fi gal, and I would rather see spiders! I just keep thinking "lotus blossoms. peaceful, relaxing lotus blossoms." as I knit, and hopefully they won't do some sort of freakish morphing thing and become alien heads.

I'll say it right now, and risk the wrath of the knitters - I don't like the bamboo yarn. It doesn't feel soft to me, and I don't like the twiney look of it. So I went with a cotton/modal blend. I went with Knit Picks Shine Sport, and I really like it a lot. It feels very soft, and has a lovely drape. I knitted my first swatch with size 5 needles, but wasn't feeling the love. I wanted a finer fabric. So I switched to size 4 and knitted a stockinette swatch. I threw my swatch in the washer and the dryer with a load of laundry, and my guage was dead on, row and stitch. Not that it matters. Because the designers apparently think that larger ladies don't want an LBT - WRONG!! And so I know I will have to recalculate everything.

Oh, and hey - did you check out my little purple ladybug stitch marker?? How cute is THAT? It was handcrafted by the uber-talented Jenn. She also made me a pair of knitting needles with purple ladybugs on top. I love them! I pet them daily. Why can't lotus blossoms look like ladybugs instead of aliens????


Melissa said...

Love the ladybug....very cute!

Kel said...

Very beautiful yarn! I also didn't use bamboo. Not because I didn't like it (although many have reported issues with it) but because I couldn't get any. I really like your color!