Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's Knitterly Magic

Last night, while I was in the kitchen fixing dinner, TRHM came into the kitchen:

TRHM: Are the lacey bits for your top finished already?
Me: No, I'm not quite half done with that part.
TRHM: Oh, well they look like they have been sewn together, so I thought you were ready to make the top part, now.
Me: What do you mean, sewn together?

I follow him over to the dining room table where the LBT is still laid out from yesterday's photo shoot.
TRHM: See, they are in a circle, like you sewed them together.
Me: Oh, no, honey, that is knit in the round, not back and forth.
TRHM: But there's no seam. It looks like they are sewed together.
Me: No, honey, that is knit in the round - you go round and round and round - you know like a tube. You might not realize it, but most shirts are a tube from the armpits, down, you know.
TRHM: Really? Never noticed that. You are so funny!!

After dinner, I even beat him in cribbage. We're even now, I let him win the night before.


Melissa said...

Men can be so funny and clueless sometimes.

Jenn said...

It is so sweet that TRHM is so interested in your knitting, not only in your finished product, but how your Lotus Blossom is constructed! THAT's how to get DH into knitting, introduce it from an engineering angle!