Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Knitted Purse Swap

Dontcha just LUV knitted purses?? I do! And I really like making them, too. That is why I am signed up for the Knitted Purse Swap. What a fun way to get a lovely knitted purse! Come and join us!

The rules are easy - knit a purse, then swap. The only requirement is that it must be knitted. It can be felted, or not. It can be lined, or not. Whatever other options you want to build into your purse are up to you! And there are lots of links to free purse patterns, in case you need one!


Renate Alice said...

Hi Lia! Just wanna say HELLO!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mama Bear said...

This sounds fun. Have you decided on a pattern? There are two neat cable purses on the free garn pattern site.

Mama Bear