Sunday, September 24, 2006

BANG - You're Dead!

There's nothing but bad news for my target. The bad news is that I am finished. The worse news is that I drive right past her town on my way to work :) When I saw where she lived, I just about fell off the chair! I am planning to leave them on her doorstep.

This photo isn't a very accurate color either, they really are a lovely wine color.


Lisaki said...

That had to be the best assassination ever! As the victim, I must say you have a lot of style :) The socks are beautiful, and my family and I enjoyed the chocolates. The black balloons were the best touch though!

It was great meeting you in person too :) What a fun way to make a new friend!

Marcia said...

those are beautiful socks!

Mama Bear said...

Great job and love your delivery style (as described here by lisaki)!