Thursday, September 21, 2006

LYS Alert!!!

This new job ROCKS!! The work is entertaining, the pay is decent, and best of all - there is a fab LYS within walking distance!! Yes!! Okay, it is a long walk, but it isn't to the ends of the earth.

When I first started this job, I was knitting in the cafeteria, and met a "closet" knitter. She carefully looked around before asking me what I was knitting, and then looked around again before she whispered "I'll show you my socks the next time I see you." Yesterday, as I was heating up my lunch, she came over (and of course, looked around to make sure no one would see) and quickly flashed me her socks. They were gorgeous - I am in awe. I didn't get to touch them, they disappeared into her bag faster than St. Nick flies up the chimney, but they looked very soft, and had little cables all over them. I asked her if there was a yarn shop anywhere near here, and she said that there was a really nice one not too far away. Well, today, I went out on a mission at lunchtime, and found it.

Y Knot Knit ( is that a cute name, or what?) is a real find! The owner (she told me her name, but I don't remember) was really really sweet. The shop is located in a very old house (I mean colonial days old). There is a small parking lot in the rear, and the entrance to the shop faces the parking lot. There is a large banner with the shop name and phone number hanging over the porch. If you go there, be sure to check out the cute cement sheep hanging out in the flower bed. I entered the shop, and found a small room with a wicker loveseat, and what looked like a reception desk. I was greeting in a warm and friendly manner, and invited to look around. Downstairs, there were bins of Noro. I went upstairs and found three rooms filled with knitty goodness.

The first room had novelty yarns of every imaginable kind - there was fluff, there was ribbon, there was glitz - it was pretty wild! The yarn was arranged in color groups. There were also two large bookcases with pattern books, magazines, and binders of pattern leaflets.

The second room was filled with Cascade - all different kinds, everything neatly arranged. There was also a small alcove with Crystal Palace DPNs and all sorts of knitting notions. Near the alcove, there was a small set of bins with some sock yarn. In addition to the wool Cascade, there was a great selection of cotton yarns (no kitchen cotton).

The third room was filled with other natural fibers - alpaca, silk, merino, and shelving unit full of baby yarn. One of the things I really liked was a display of combinations of yarn. There was a large hank of worsted weight in a solid color with two balls of coordinating varigated or novelty yarns slipped over it. It was a great way to see how the basic yarn could be dressed up a little with coordinating fibers. There was also a large work table for classes or knitting groups.

Throughout the shop, there were lots of lovely models, and patterns. There were the most adorable decorative sheep made from balls of yarn - very cute, I might have to make some. When I went back downstairs, I noticed a large basket full of Addi Turbos, and a large selection of Crystal Palace and Lantern Moon straight needles. There were also some funky handcrafted shawl pins and polymer clay buttons.

I bought some of the baby yarn, and some DK sock yarn for Sock Wars. While I was checking out, the owner invited me to come to the shop for Sit n' Knit on Tues and Thurs nights. She said that the group of knitters is really nice, and she always puts out some snacks. I asked her if the yarn I had chosen would be good for socks, and she said that she loves socks made from it - that it is wonderful sock yarn. I told her about Sock Wars, and she thought it sounded like such fun!

If you get to the Newtown area, I highly recommend this shop. They will have a website soon, it is under construction. I know I will be a frequent visitor!

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Mama Bear said...

Oh wow! I would be in trouble if I worked that close to a neat LYS like that. MMmmmmmm! Let us know when the shop goes online.