Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Row counters

I've received some questions on the row counters, so let me explain ...

Many of you know that I am a no-rules kinda gal - I believe in doing what works for you, not necessarily what the directions or pattern says to do. I guess that is the rebel in me that I inherited from my mother, lol! The row counter is sort of like that - use them the way they work for you!

I use the row counter to keep track of repeats in a pattern. You will notice that one end has one bead between the rings. That is the "start" end. You slip the first ring onto the needle. As you complete the row, you move to the next ring, letting both ends dangle down. I only advance mine on the right side rows, and find them especially useful for keeping track of cables - they are an easy way to keep track of when it is time to cable.

For those of you interested in making them, they are really easy to make. The first thing I do is make a bunch of jump rings (I wrap wire around a large knitting needle), you can also use ready made jump rings available at your local craft store (Michael's Craft, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc). Then I make the bead units to go in between the rings. I use sterling silver findings for mine because it is pretty. I purchase packages of eye pins, so I don't have to make both loops :) I use a small seed bead then a larger bead, then another seed bead and use my round nosed pliers to make a loop on the other end. Then it is just a matter of putting together the sequence - ring, bead unit, ring, 2 bead units, ring, 3 bead units ... you get the picture ... You can make these as long as you wish. I find that they are most practical with 5 rings. But hey, no rules, right? So make them as long as you wish!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial on your row counters. I think they're beautiful and may have to make some myself.