Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Help with the healing

I've been thinking a lot about the Virginia Tech tragedy - having a daughter in college will do that to you. I've read lots of posts on various blogs expressing sympathy for the families of the victims, the shooter's family, and the survivors who are left to pick up the pieces and finish out the school year. This is an opportunity to help. There is a yarn shop in Blacksburg, Virginia named Mosaic Yarns. They are collecting 8x8 squares, knitted or crocheted, that will be put together in afghans for the victim's families. If you are able to help, click here to go to their blog and send in a square or two. They are asking for squares in the school colors of maroon, orange, black and white.


Rebecca said...

Thank you for posting that information! My brother graduated from VA Tech many moons ago so I feel a special connection. And, having two daughters in college myself, I agree that it has been especially sombering for us college parents! So, so sad! I will check out that yarn store site in Blacksburg.

Maddy said...

This is a wonderful idea. I have no money to donate, but I have plenty of yarn to knit a couple squares with!