Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday - Yarn shopping in Columbus, OH

Saturday afternoon, I left TRHM in charge of the comic books, and headed off to Temptations. This is an amazing shop - FIVE rooms of knitting goodness! And a Sale ROOM! That's right, an entire ROOM filled with sale goodies! This charming shop is located in an older home converted to a shop in the Village of Dublin, OH, just outside of Columbus. I entered and the first thing that I saw was the wall-o-Noro. Yes, Jenn, an entire WALL of Noro goodness! There were white cubbys from the ceiling to the floor. Each column of cubbys contained a different type of Noro yarn. It was amazing. There was a work table with baskets filled with notions - just in case you were working on a project at the table and forgot something at home. The other wall held various other wools and luxury fibers. Through that room was a small hallway; going straight through the hallway there was another room filled with felting yarns of every imaginable color, two comfy wing chairs, a table, and the sales desk. When I went back to the hallway and went to the left, there was a room filled will luxury fibers, novelty yarn, non-wool natural fibers, and beautiful handcrafted jewelry. There was another work table, again with baskets of notions.

Off this room was a room dedicated to needles, notions and patterns. There were shelves of books, binders of patterns, and all sorts of interesting notions. Adjacent to this room was the sale room. There were all sorts of interesting balls of yarn at 35% off.

There was a separate room dedicated to sock yarns and baby yarn. I bought two skeins of new sock yarn from Trekking - 75% superwash and 25% bamboo! Very cool! The colorways are really pretty, too. I also bought a set of size 1.5US rosewood DPNs. I've been wanting a set of 1.5's and I've admired the beauty of the rosewood, so I splurged and bought a set. I also picked up two beautiful sock patterns.

I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed yarn shopping in Columbus - the shops are amazing and the people are very friendly. I had a wonderful time, and will definately be back to these shops when were in Columbus next year.