Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spring is in the air!!

I've been driving to work past acres and acres of blueberry bushes, inhaling the heady scent of the white blooms (and sneezing out the pollen, lol) and I've been thinking "I've GOT to remember my digicam tomorrow so I can blog about this!" and, of course, forgetting the digicam every single day! So it was really serendipity that I went to the Spring Felted Bag Swap blog and found this question:

Where you live, what signifies the beginning of Spring? A favorite flower blooming? Snowmelt? Pollen (Cough cough, gak, here in ATL, thanks) Post something up describing how you knew 'Spring had Sprung' for you!

There are so many things that remind me it is spring!
  1. Kids playing baseball at the middle school across the street from our condo.
  2. Baseball season! Go Phils!
  3. Sleeping with the bedroom window open.
  4. Flowering trees looking like cotton candy as they bloom.
  5. Free water ice day at Rita's!
  6. The Stewart's drive in is open.
  7. Eating outside on the patio.
  8. The smell of fresh mulch.
  9. The smell of the first lawn mowing.
  10. The sound of the first lawn mowing :)
  11. My white car turns yellowish-green.
  12. Bugs on the windshield - ewwwww!

Remember when you were a kid, and it was the day the pool opened? The water was crystal clear, and you felt hot, but the water was ICY???!!! If you had a backyard pool, remember the day you drained out all the icky winter water, and refilled it?

Spring is just a reminder that summer is coming, and soon, there will be fireflies and lemonade, and chicken on the grill!


Anne said...

What a great list - so many things are the same for a lot of people - seems much of the world is drawn to all the same great things!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Stewarts? You've gotta be a Jersey Girl! :-)