Friday, May 25, 2007

Tuesday: More yarn shopping!

While we were in Louisville, we went to a shop called Carma Needlework. The ladies at this cozy little shop were so sweet! They have a large collection of basic yarns, luxury fibers, cotton yarn and sock yarn. The pattern collection is very large - with a long shelf filled with binders of patterns. They also have binders of color cards for every brand of yarn you can imagine! This shop is dedicated to knitting/crochet and needlepoint. They had gorgeous hand-painted canvases in all sizes and guages, from small petit-point to the largest needlepoint. TRHM got a lesson on needlepoint canvas and the ladies showed him the difference between a hand-painted canvas and a mass-produced screened canvas. I found a book that is on the list for one of my swap pals, and an adorable mini-sewing machine for my dollhouse.

We hit the road and headed for Nashville. The first stop was Haus of Yarn. It was my first encounter of a Koigu kind on this road trip. They had several cubbies filled with different colorways. One of the most interesting things was a display for socks - it was a wooden peacock, and the "tail feathers" were shaped like sock blockers. I bought some sock yarn and a few other goodies. I was looking for "Amaizing", the new corn fiber yarn from South West Trading Co, but they don't carry it. They said that they felt it, and didn't find it to be "Amaizing", so they passed on it. Bummer.

The next stop was Angel Hair Yarn Company. The parking lot was jammed, so TRHM dropped me off and went in search of parking. It was really funny because there was a large group of women at the work table, knitting away, and when he came in, everyone stopped chatting and looked - I guess men don't often frequent knitting shops in TN, lol! And guess what? They think "Amaizing" is!! They had lots of colors to choose from, and had a swatch knit with it. It felt very soft!
When I explained that I was shopping for my swap partners on this trip, and I have a partner that wanted to try some non-wool natural fibers, the sales lady pointed out some pineapple yarn - can you imagine, yarn made from pineapple?? Well, I bought some. It is the beige fiber next to the two balls of Amaizing. It feels kind of stiff and scratchy, but it is one of those fibers that softens with use and washing. I'm not sure if my pal will actually use it, but I thought that the novelty of pineapple was worth the purchase. I hope she finds it as cool as I do!
I also bought some Wendy Peter Pan yarn in lavender varigated for my baby knitting. I love this yarn - it is so soft and pretty! Perfect for delicate little preemies!

We made it to Huntsville, and I didn't even blow up my debit card, yet :)


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I'm vicariously enjoying your vacation! Seems like you've been to yarn heaven!!

Jessi said...

Pineapple yarn!?!?! I need to try that.

And that last yarn pictured, the lavender, that's really pretty and looks so soft!