Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogoversary Contest Winners

Here are the answers to the questions:

1. What sports car am I? Mazda Miata

2. What is my favorite holiday? Tie between Halloween and 4th of July

3. We often travel to Rhode Island. Why? To visit TRHM's family

4. Name two other needle crafts I enjoy besides knitting. Crochet, counted Cross-stitch, quilting, tatting, sewing, embroidery

5. Who is TRHM, and what does TRHM stand for? TRHM stands for The Red-Haired Man, who is my boyfriend, Mike.

6. Where did I go to college? Drexel University

7. How many kids do I have? 2, a daughter and a son, TRHM also has 2 sons

8. What is my favorite thing to knit? socks or baby items

9. The town I live in has a special nickname based on local agriculture. What is it? The Blueberry Capital of The World

10. Who taught me to knit? Jenn (a co-worker)

11. What is my favorite color? Blue, green, colors of water

12. What kind of music do I like? Jazz or Blues are my faves, but I listen to just about everything except Heavy Metal.

For a special PowerBall question, answer this one for bonus goodies ...

We often play cards after dinner. What is the game that we play? Cribbage

Everyone who entered answered all of the questions correctly :) TRHM selected a winner from the hat, and the winner is ... drumroll, please ... Marsha!! I met Marsha through the Stitch Marker Exchange, she was the creator of these beauties. But, everyone knows that EVERYONE is a winner at Chez Ladybug, so Kim and Robyn will be receiving consolation prizes :)

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K. Anne said...

woohoo! consolation pize! :)