Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My treasure

Yesterday, I told you that I bought a plaque from one of the other dealer's at the comic book show. She is an incredibly talented writer and artist, and she and her husband publish a number of very popular anthropomorphic comic books. Carole said that this plaque is from the turn of the century, and I thought it was very nice. The gentleman is obviously the object of the lady's affection, and she is thrilled to be enjoying a walk with him.

Carole explained that her granddaughter was coming for a vist, and is very curious, and into everything, so she thought it best to get rid of this plaque. I turned it over to see why ...

This is destined for the guest room. I told Carole that I would be able to tell if my guests turn it over by the giggling!

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Melissa said...

LOVE IT!! How funny@