Friday, September 08, 2006

Explaining socks

There was a very funny conversation at my house last night - I was explaining Sock Wars to TRHM, and mentioned that I was going to knit two socks on two circulars, so hopefully, I wouldn't get killed right away. His reponse was hilarious:

"Get outta he-ah! How are you going to do that?? You only have two hands! How can you knit with two circulars at the same time? You would need four hands! What are you going to do, knit with your toes???"

Of course the funniest part was him leaning back on the sofa "air knitting" with his hands and his feet.

I tried to explain it to him - knit, turn, slide, knit, turn, slide. But he was having a hard time picturing it. He thought the concept of Sock Wars was interesting, but zeroed right in on the avoidance angle - "So you mean that if I don't knit anything, just wait to be "killed", then I get to keep the handknit socks?" Uh-huh.

So beware packages in the mail - there are over 700 "assassins" signed up at the moment ... all over the globe, and the "last man standing" prizes are pretty cool - how 'bout some one-of-a-kind dyed-specially-for-Sock-Wars sock yarn?? Yeah, baby, I'm on it!! That new job better allow looooonnnnng lunch breaks and knitting at the desk ...


Kate said...

Don't listen to your husband, just knit, he he. I guess I have to use day and nigths to finish the socks, so I don't get killed at once. And I'm looking forward to do it,and I think it's funny that there are so many knitters who wanted to join.

Melissa said...

I'm tempted to sign up just for a pair of socks. :)