Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Wallpaper Padawan

TRHM's oldest (Josh) came over this weekend to help me wallpaper the guest room. He was a little hesitant at first, but caught on quickly, and did a fab job. He used the level to draw placement lines for the two patterns and the two borders. Check out the coffee cup - "Knit Happens" :)
He did a great job keeping all of the stripes perfectly vertical, and matching the pattern on the map wallpaper.

We aren't quite finished, I had to order another double roll of the stripe, and another roll of the border. I have plans to turn a small closet into a built-in shelving unit, and I have to dig out some of the accessories from storage. Of course, my plastic bins of craft stuff are already in place in the larger closet, and today, I picked up a couple of small underbed storage bins for my WIPs. The most important thing is that the mess is cleaned up, and the beds are set up so when TRHM gets home from Balitmore on Tuesday, with his friends, Rick and Steven, there is someplace for them to sleep.

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