Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Foiled by Columbus Day!!!

My Box o' Death was ready to be mailed! Filled with black tissue paper, some yummy green socks, a note, the leftover yarn with the ball band, and some Perugina chocolate to comfort the mourners, my Priority box sat happily on the passenger seat as I zoomed toward the post office yesterday morning. I zipped into the post office parking lot, turning on two wheels, ala Cruela DeVil, and screeched to a halt only to find a "Closed for Columbus Day" sign on the door. NNnnoooooooooooo!! It can't be!!!!

But wait ... that means no mailman for me today! YES!!! I will live to fight another day!


Mama Bear said...

ACK! The suspense continues! What happens if you both get the socks at the same time?

Pink Dandelion said...

So, did you make it???