Monday, October 09, 2006

It's beginning to look like Halloween!!

When I got home Friday night, TRHM told me he bought me a surprise. He handed me a box of pumpkin stake lights. I grinned and told him that I bought him a surprise, too, and handed him a light-up witch decoration. It was pretty funny because we have been doing this sort of thing since we first met, and often will surprise each other with a similar thing on the same day.

This weekend I took a little break from knitting to do some decorating. My 6 year old nephew came over to spend the night, and Saturday morning, we got out the bins of decorations. He put together some edging that looks like a gothic fence with spiders. We put orange and purple lights on the bushes, then covered the whole thing with cobwebs. He put togther the pumpkin stake lights that TRHM bought for me, and pushed them into the ground. He helped me put all of the other decorations together and found a place for them. He even helped me make a wreath for the front door.

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