Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quilting weekend

On Thursday, instead of going to Knit Chicks, I took a machine quilting class at The Village Quilter. It was a wonderful class! The instructor was very knowledgeable, and I loved her "ignore the rules, do what works for you" attitude. I learned that adjusting the tension on my machine is key to attractive quilting. When she first mentioned adjusting the tension, I thought, "Oh no! I'm not touching that. If I touch the tension, Mom will be cranky and I will lose my sewing machine privileges! Uh-uh. Not me!" but I did it anyway! And guess what? She was right! Adjusting the tension was a snap, and the stitch quality improved quite a bit! So this weekend, I washed and ironed a bunch of fabric and got ready to start my quilts. I have a couple of floral twin-sized quilts planned for The Children's Fresh Air Home. They are local charity that provides 2 week vacations at the Jersey Shore for disadvantaged children. They have 60 beds in their home, and each bed has a handmade quilt on it. Some of the quilts are sorely in need of replacing, so I am going to make a couple of quilts for them.

Are you a pirate? Do you need a new blankie? I'm making this special quilt for a special person ... Aarrrrgggh!

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Mama Bear said...

My son loves pirate stuff! The charity sounds like a great reason to quilt!