Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shhhhh!! It's a SECRET!!

I was tagged by Cheryl for a MEME. I am supposed to tell 5 secrets that I have not revealed on my blog, then tag 5 other people. This is not an easy thing. Why, you ask? Well, because I AM A BLABBER-MOUTH!! Yep, that's right. Secrets are not generally safe with me, and more than one person has held up their hand and said "TMI!!" I've already blabbed most of my secrets all over the internets. So now, I have to think of 5 things that I haven't blabbed. Well, here goes:

Secret #1:
I was almost eaten by a dog when I was 4 years old. It was a dog I knew, and played with. He was eating a piece of meat, and saw me outside and decided I would make a tasty snack. I lowered my head and covered my face with my hands, so he got a good chunk of my hair and scalp. I had over 100 stitches on the top of my head, and wore a lovely white gauze turban for a while. Fortunately, this did not interfere with my hair growth. But every once in a while, a new hairdresser will feel the scar and exclaim "Oh my gosh! You have a huge scar on your head!!" To which, I usually reply "I do???? What are you talking about? I don't have a scar!"

Secret #2:
When I was 16, I wanted to go to seminary. I was very active in my church, and felt strongly about it. Every once in a while, I still feel regret that I did not do that, and contemplate doing it now. I am an Episcopalian, and we ordain women.

Secret #3:
I have a Master of Science in Chemistry (Stereospecific Organic Synthesis), and finished all of my coursework, but did not do my dissertation for my PhD in Environmental Policy Analysis. I am a total Chemistry geek, and have loved Chemistry since I was a little kid.

Secret #4:
When I was in elementary school, I skipped a grade. I finished one marking period of 2nd grade, and they moved me up to 3rd grade. Gifted programs have come a long way since then, haven't they??

Secret #5:
When I was in 6th grade, I designed my own embroidery project. I used a piece of a pillowcase and my grandmother's colored sewing threads to detail, in teeny little stitches, the guts of an earthworm. She thought it was gross, but well executed. Grampa thought it was wonderful. He helped me dissect the earthworm. I think that was because the idea of cutting up earthworms in the garage totally grossed Grandma out.

Okay, so now you know 5 things about me that you didn't know before. So now I have to find 5 people to tag. Don't worry, Jenn. I'm not tagging you - you just started your blog, and so it will be too easy for you to find 5 things that you have not yet blogged about!

I tagged:


Cheryl said...

I am sorry but I was LOl about you being eaten by the dog, you poor thing. My sons are both advanced, one skipped two grades, one started early both were spontaneous readers, reading on their own before 22 months old, very frightening, much smarter than their mother by 3 years old...
Thanks for being such a good sport about being tagged.

Rubys & Purls said...

That is terrible that you were eaten by a dog when you were little, but if you really do that to your hair dressers that is funny!

I just wanted to say thanks for you wonderful comments about my Eiffel. I really appreciate all the encouraging comments. It was my first sweater so I learned quite a bit about sweater construction!

Jenn said...

Dang Lia! I had good secrets, too!

Terri said...

Wow Lia, those are pretty good secrets. I'm impressed, particularly by the Chemistry thing. I was always hopeless with that sort of thing. I'm a history nerd. We're a different breed. LOL. Good thing we have yarn in common right? Well thanks for the tag. I'll have to put some thought into this one. It's very similar to the six weird things about me MEME that I did just recently.

Lynne said...

I smiled at the thought of someone embroidering the guts of anything - let alone an earthworm! Talk about thinking outside the square! LOL