Monday, February 26, 2007

The Weekend in Atlanta

We had a wonderful trip to Atlanta to start our comic show season. It was our first year attending Furry Weekend Atlanta, and we had a great time!

One of the best fursuits there was The Pink Panther. He was really great! The fursuit fit him perfectly, and he had all the Pink Panther moves down. He posed for a picture with me in the Dealer's Room.

For all of you who know I am stashing-along. I did not buy any yarn :) I am so proud of myself!! I didn't even go look. I spent the weekend hanging out, chatting with the furries, and working on my knitting projects. Progress pics to come ...

This weekend, we are off to Jacksonville for MegaPlex, followed by a week long vacation in Orlando with my Dad, my sister and her family. We are celebrating my nephew's 7th birthday at Disney - what fun!


Cheryl said...

Hi Lia
I see we share a love of Paris AND Mickey...the boys are 17 and 33 and have been there>20 times..I was there >6 times before they were born, LOL, of course I also had every video gaem system there was and now they do. Have a terrific weelend, BTW It was delightful to see a pic of your happy smiling face, I imagine that is how it is much of the time.

Cheryl said...

OOOPs They are 22 and 17 not 33 and 17....lordy

Lia said...

Well, that is yet another thing we have in common - my kids are 19 and 22 - one each, an older girl and a younger boy.

I haven't been to Paris that many times, but I do love it :) I am going back next spring with my neice. She is 10, I took her to London and Paris when she was 7. We are doing a repeat - 3 days in London, 4 days in Paris over her Easter vacation. Can't wait!