Monday, February 26, 2007

A whole boxful of Ladybug Goodness!!!

Sat afternoon, TRHM came in with a big box, "Hey, you have a package. It's a pretty big box, must be a LOT of yarn!" I opened it up, and it was my tote from my International Tote Exchange 3 partner!! I was so thrilled! I had seen a photo of the ladybug bag on Cheryl's website, and was coveting it madly! When I saw it, I was so jealous, because I had no clue that Cheryl was my secret swap partner, and someone else was getting a ladybug bag! Cheryl was so sneaky - she sent me e-mails anonymously, AND then she commented on my blog as Cheryl. Competely threw me off.

So - back to the goodies ... I opened the box and clutched the bag to my chest shrieking "It's mine!! It's mine!! The ladybug bag was for ME!!!!" TRHM just laughed. I pet it and hugged it, then dug into all the other goodies in the box. Let me tell you - this was a very full box!

There were lots of ladybug goodies - a package of ladybug buttons, a very cute notepad with a glittery ladybug on the cover and each sheet of paper with a clip to keep it from getting lost, and the cutest ladybug chocolates that came all the way from Ireland! Very very cute!

There were all sorts of awesome sock knitting goodies, too! A big fat cake of red and black yarn, a pattern for Circle of Friendship socks, and this really cool needle case to hold my DPNs. There was a roll of hightlighter tape - I've never seen that before. You can use it to keep track of where you are in the pattern, and it is removable.

There was also a skein of red Cascade 220 (how did you know I needed a skein of red, Cheryl??). I'm going to use it to make a red/yellow/blue beach bag. And a package of my favorite chocolate of all time - Lindt truffles. TRHM was amazed because I like Lindt truffles better than Godiva.

An extra special bookmark was included, too! It is a handcrafted beaded book thong with red raspberry beads and a heart at one end and an Eiffel Tower at the other end. It is absolutely precious, and I really do *heart* Paris and the Eiffel Tower. "Paris is always a good idea" - do you know the reference??

Cheryl, thank you so much for such a lovely box, my beautiful bag, and most of all, your great sense of humor and friendship. As wonderful as all of the goodies are, the best thing is a new friend :)

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crissy said...

oh my what a surprise that was :) boy i can hear the totaly awesome thrill you had just getting that box. lovely things in there too. have a wonderful time i know you will :)