Sunday, June 03, 2007

Felted Bag Package

I received the most awesome box o' swag from my Felted Bag Swap Partner, Jane. It was filled with all sorts of lovely, lovely handcrafted gifts. There was a spa packet with a wonderful scrubby mit, a facial masque, and some yummy smelling soaps. Candles and moisturizing lotion topped it off. There are 2 gorgeous embroidered tea towels - lovely! When I first "set up housekeeping", my grandmother sent me a set of embroidered tea towels that I loved. They are long gone, and these beautiful tea towels from Jane brought back that sweet memory. Thank you! There was a totally awesome felted needle case - I absolutely love it! It is so cool - very pretty, and at the same time very avant garde - I whipped out the knitting needles, parrying TRHM menacingly, and growled "Be on the lookout - I am armed with superior pointy weapons", LOL! He got a big kick out of it. There were all sorts of wonderful scrapbooking accessories that I will use when we go on vacations this year - 3-D flowers, pretty paper, jeweled paper studs, and cool puffy letters.

I love the pack of "Footnotes" - sticky notes in the shape of a foot! As a Business Analyst, one of my main responsibilities is to generate reams of documentation, and these are so cute, I can't wait to take them to work! There was a lovely black and turquiose felted pouch (perhaps a hint of what is to come??) with the prettiest beads. Two skeins of navy blue wool yarn and a pattern for Noni felted camilla embellishments. Very cool. For my viewing pleasure, she also include 8 issues of Knitty Gritty on DVD - I know I will enjoy watching that, as I always miss that show (gotta get a Tivo, huh?).

But I think the cutest of all was this little gal - a ladybug pin cushion! She is so cute, and has the sweetest little face! I sew and quilt, so I will definately use her!

Thank you, Jane!! I am most spoiled!!

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