Monday, June 18, 2007

I have been knitting!

I know you all think I have been slacking because I haven't been posting - well, not quite so. I have lots of FOs and Near-FOs to show you. First up, Ravenclaw socks for the Hogwarts Sock Swap.

Sorry for the blurry photo - I'm still working on the "macro" setting ... But this does show the stitch detail of the design. I really liked this pattern - it is called Diamonds In the Rough by Dawn Friske (KalamazooKnits Pattern #13). It is a very easy to follow lace pattern with a 16 row repeat. These socks were knit with KnitPicks 100% Merino Superwash that I dyed myself using Wilton food colors.

Second up, Tiger Socks. I bought this skein of Opal Rainforest yarn last year, and I am just now getting around to knitting it up. This will be a pair of socks for me. I normally do not like plain/ribbed socks, but I decided the pattern of this colorway really needed to be highlighted, and not hidden with a stitch pattern.

I've also been busy with the Hogwart's Sock Kit Swap, and have my bag ready to go. I am almost finished with my Felted Bag Swap, and will have progress pics by the end of the week :)

See ... I have been knitting ... Oh, and eating DimSum with my daughter, The Uber-Talented Jenn, and her two favorite fellas.


Anonymous said...

Lia, how many sts do you normally cast on for your foot?

Dora Gorodok

Teal said...

Your Tiger socks are awesome. I think you made the right decision about the pattern. The yarn does the talking quite nicely.
Like your hand dyed yarn too.

lulubelle said...

hey, just snooping while snitch hunting.
I bought that Opal tiger to make socks for my son. Since he's only 7, I think I will have enough to make him a lightweight pair of mitts too.
And I totally agree with you on the pattern, this yarn is so busy that a fancy stitch pattern would not look good at all.