Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I am actually still here

I fell off the face of the earth ... but I have found my way back :)

I have not stopped knitting, if anything, I knitted more and more. I have been traveling quite a bit, both for work and for our business.

While I was away, I discovered Ravelry and knitting podcasts. Are you a Raveler? What podcasts are on your iPod?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sock-It-To-Me Questionnaire

What are your foot measurements? (Please give shoe size, length and circumference.)
I wear a size 9 1/2 US women's shoe, and my foot is 10 inches long and 10 inches around. Big feet ... sorry!

How long have you been knitting? How would you rate your experience? (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.)
I have been knitting for almost 2 years. I would rate my experience as an adventurous intermediate.

What is your favorite color? Your least favorite color?
My favorite colors are the colors of water - blue, green, grey and any combination. I really don't have a least favorite color I like all colors.

Do you have a favorite fiber? What type?
For socks, superwash is key! I normally use regular wool superwash, but I just got some Tofutsies to try out.

Do you have any allergies to certain fibers?
Nope, unless you count cat fur ...

Do you have an Amazon, or other type of, wishlist? (If so, provide the link.)

What techniques, if any, would you like to learn?
I would like to learn fair isle, and work more on intarsia.

Do you have a sweet tooth? What are your favorite snacks?
Chocolate! The darker, the better ... of course, it is really hot right now, so that is not very practical for shipping.

What is your family situation? (Children, Husband, Pets...etc.)
I live with my boyfriend, Mike, and have 2 grown children. He has 2 teenaged sons that we spend time with on the weekend.

Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Metal, plastic or wood?
Yes. *grin* For socks, DPNs, for everything else, it depends on what I am knitting.

Besides socks, what are your favorite items to knit?
Baby items for charity.

Is there a pattern, (sock or otherwise), that you are dying to try?
I love socks with an interesting texture. There isn't a specific pattern I am looking for, but I always keep an eye out for different socks.

Do you like to read? What are you reading currently?
I do like to read, but I haven't been reading very much lately. The only reading I have been doing lately is knitting patterns, lol!

Do you collect music? (On an iPod or MP3 player.)
I don't have an iPod, but I can play MP3s on my CD player.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I like Blues and Jazz - especially BB King and Diana Krall. I listen to lots of different music, just about everything except heavy metal.

Is there anything you collect?
I collect ladybugs.

What are your hobbies, aside from knitting?
Sewing, counted cross stitch, needle tatting, crochet, quilting.

Are you participating in any other swaps or knit alongs?
Ummm ... a couple ... see the sidebar

Do you have a favorite scent?
Vanilla (yes, I am boring that way)

When is your birthday? (You don't have to add the year if you don't want to, LOL.)
Last Friday :) I was 43 years old.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pies, Cobblers, Slumps and Buckles

I have had a lot of questions about the difference between pies, cobblers, slumps and buckles. Here are definitions, as I understand them:

Pies: one or two thin crusts with the fruit in between
Cobblers: one thick crust, then the fruit filling, then dollops of biscuit-like batter on top
Slumps: may not have a bottom crust, fruit filling with crumble topping
Buckles: cake with fruit mixed into the batter with a struesel topping

Then there are Pandowdies, Brown Betties, Crisps, and Sonkers.

Of course, my sister is the one with the degree in Culinary Arts, not me, so I could be wrong. It has been known to happen. Either way, there will be some blueberry yumminess at my house on Sunday afternoon! Bring a spoon and come on over!


I got my Harry Potter Sock Swap package last night, and when I opened it, look what I found! Yipee!!! The beautious Horcrux socks are MINE!!! And they fit perfectly! My feet were doing the happy dance until they remembered that although it is a nice cool 70 degrees inside, it is 148 degrees and 284 percent humidity outside. Tonight, when they are all icey because TRHM has the air conditioner turned on, they will be doing the toasty happy dance, again :)

Do you remember these socks, and how Rebecca was worried about them? Well, they showed up at my house *grin*. I didn't get home until late, so I had to steal her pic, I'll post a pic of the whole goodie box later tonight. I am so thrilled with my socks - they are lovely - the color is wonderful, and the pattern is beautiful! In the box were beautiful black and gold stitch markers - the perfect size for socks, a new set of Crystal Palace DPNs, gummy slugs (YUM!) and Bertie Bott's Beans! There is also the cutest ladybug and ladybug charms. Thank you, Rebecca - you totally spoiled me! Thank you for knitting for my big fat feet, I know it was a lot of work!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Pair of Socks!

I finished these socks in the car this weekend. I started them last year - one of my first pair, and my first pair made with hand-painted yarn. The yarn was a gift from Jenn, and I absolutely love the colorway. The picture doesn't really show it very well, but the colors range from pale grey to deep raspberry with little bits of coral here and there.

The stitch pattern is Waterfal Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. The close-up shows the stitch a little better, it is a 3x3 rib so the socks are very comfy.

SP10 Package!!

I have two of the most awesome SP10 angels! Two sisters - double the fun! Roni and Teri put together a wonderful package! They took the time to scour my blog and then "got to gettin'" (do you know the reference? TRHM's most HATED show ... with Niecy Nash ...)! The box arrived just before I left for the Buffalo farm, and I didn't want to open it and run, but I just couldn't stand the thought of it waiting for me in the living room, lol! I just had to tear into it, besides, there might be something in there that I needed for my trip!

Holy Macaroni!! It was stuffed!! There were very cute 4th of July goodies - a door hanger, a blue tin bucket filed with Tootsie Rolls and flags! This Sunday is the Blueberry Festival, and I am having a BBQ, so I will enjoy showing these goodies off! There was CHOCOLATE! Very dark - my fave, and a Cadbury bar. I have to admit that the Cadbury bar got polished off last night as TRHM and I watched Big Love on HBO. Yarn galore! Two skeins of beautiful recycled silk, two skeins of Cotton classic - one red, and one black, and two skeins of green Panda Wool. Two patterns - a sock pattern that I can't wait to try, and the cutest ladybug accessories pattern! I love the handcrafted needle case - denim on the outside, watermelon fabric on the inside! Note cards and a big fat chocolate recipe cookbook! WOW! When we are all tired of blueberries, I will definately be whipping up some of those chocolate goodies!

Thank you, thank you Teri and Roni!! You totally started my weekend on an up note! You are definately angels in every sense of the word :)

O, Give Me a Home ...

... Where the Buffalo Roam ....

Oh, wait, that is a Llama ... and a knitter .... hee hee! We just returned from a weekend at The Tuscarora Bison Farm. What a wonderful time we had! Joan and Mark are wonderful hosts, and their family farm is lovely. They have converted the summer kitchen into a guest house, and we took TRHM's younger son, Daniel, and my nephew, Tommy with us. The weather could not have been better, and everyone had a wonderful time. Especially me, because I got to knit on my socks, and win at cribbage :)

On Saturday, we went to Reptile Land where they have the most wonderful soft and squishy yarns. Oh, wait, no, that is where they have the lizards and snakes, ewwww!! It would have been much more fun if they had soft and squishy yarn ... Here, the boys are feeding turtles. They had a great time, and got to pet a baby alligator and a huge snake.

Saturday night, we had a secret treat planned for them - we went to the Drive In!! Yep, an honest to goodness kids-in-pajamas-on-the-playground drive-in movie theater. We saw Surf's Up and Rise of the Silver Surfer. They thought it was very cool.

Sunday was pack-up and go home day. We drove north to Penn's Cave for a picnic lunch and cave exploring. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Virtual Vacation Questionnaire

1. If you could visit any state in the US, which would it be and why?
I've visited most of the states in the US, except the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. I would like to go on an Alaskan cruise to see the glaciers.

2. If you could visit any country in the world, other than your own, which would it be and why?
I've traveled to several European countries, but I have always wanted to go to Prague in the Czech Republic. It looks like an interesting city to visit - romantic in a mysterious sort of way. I would also love to visit Italy, especially Venice. The concept of a city built on canals just fascinates me.

3. Have you ever driven across several states/providence/countries?
HA! What a FUNNY question!! I am an Army brat, so I have driven up and down the Atlantic seaboard more times than you can shake a stick at! And, with our comic business, TRHM and I drive hither and yon to all these shows we go to. I also drove from NJ to San Francisco when I was just barely preggers with my daughter. We drove back to San Francisco 2 months later ... my husband learned the hard way that when I said "Stop the car!" I meant now. We stopped at lots of car washes on the way ...

4. Have you ever visited someplace you consider exotic? Where was it?
When my daughter was a senior in high school, she and I took a sailing cruise along the Costa del Sol. One stop was Morrocco. We were looking forward to visiting Tangiers, but we hated being assaulted by the begging children.

5. What was your favorite "travel" vacation? Why?
My favorite travel vacation was the cruise with my daughter. We had a wonderful time, and I feel very blessed to have a daughter who would choose to spend a week in a little shipboard cabin with her Mom. It was very luxurious, and a wonderful time together. We sailed from Lisbon to Barcelona, and spent 3 days in Barcelona before returning home.

6. Have you ever played tourist in your own home city/state (if international, country)? Explain.
I lived in San Franciso for 5 years, and whenever family came to town, we would show them the sights. Later, after I had moved back to NJ, a friend from CA came to visit me, and I took her to the Jersey Shore, the Amish Country, and Philadelphia. I love to play tourguide, especially when it involves "off the beaten path" activities!

7. Are you a museum visitor, beach comer or an amusement seeker?
All of the above. Mostly a museum visitor, though. I love the water, and I like to walk on the beach. I am a big time people watcher, and there is always interesting people watching at the beach, lol!

8. What's your favorite type of yarn?
My favorite type of yarn is sock yarn - superwash is KEY! Everything ends up in the washer and dryer. I prefer wool, and am not particularly fond of silk.

9. What's your least favorite type of yarn?
Most novelty yarns. I like a little bling now and then, but not the hairy/furry type.

10. What items do you like to knit/crochet?
Socks, socks, socks :) I also knit a lot of baby items and I really like to make felted bags.

11. What do you pack, knit/crochet wise when you go on vacation?
I am more of a weekend jaunt person than a long vacation person, even when I go to Europe, I hit fast - fly in on Fri, go home on Mon. Socks travel very well. When TRHM and I drive to shows, I usually bring a couple of pair of socks and a large project like a sweater or a felted bag.

12. What other crafts do you do/would like to do other than Knit/Crochet?
I love counted cross-stitch, needle tatting, quilting and sewing.

13. Are you allergic to anything? (Yarn wise or treat wise)
I am highly allergic to cats, but that is it.

14. What is your favorite color? Least Favorite?
My favorite colors are blue and green and any combination thereof - think ocean, and you will be fine. There really isn't a color that I dislike. I like all colors.

15. Sweet or Savory (Treat not personality)?
Sweet - chocolate, the darker the better! And now, it's good for you :)

16. Anything else we are forgetting to ask that you think your partner desperately needs to know?
Nope. I'm a good traveler - my Grandma always called me "The Merry Wonderer" (she was a Hummel collector). I am always ready to pack up my kit and go to the next place :) I've never known a stranger - they are only friends I haven't met, yet. I can't wait to see all the fun places we get to go on this virtual vacation!

Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 2!!!

Did you miss out on round 1?? Well, Round 2 is about to start. Today is the last day to sign up! This swap was so much fun - and EASY!! You make a bag in the house colors of your pal, and send them a kit to make their own HP socks - yarn in their house colors, new sock needles, a pattern and stitch markers in their house colors. Any other treats are at the discretion of the spoiler ... I'm sending Bertie Bott's Beans in mine because who doesn't love a jelly bean that tastes like vomit?

In case you missed the link, CLICK HERE .... CLIQUEZ ICI ... HAGA CLIC AQUI ... KLICKEN SIE HIER ... KLIKK HER ... and fill out the form.

The Invasion of the Stitch Markers

The Stitch Markers are here!! So far, I have received 3 sets of stitch markers:

These lovelies arrived first. I love the blue and green beads, and they are made with copper wire. They were sent to me by Jessica. She's in Alabama, and has an online shop. Thank you, Jessica!!

These were next - They are beautiful! I love the hearts and the milky white swirls above them. I've been lusting after some heart stitch markers I saw on Etsy, and these are even prettier. Thank you, Brenda!!

Yesterday, the most unusual stitchmarkers arrived. They are the lovliest puffy stars, and light as a feather! They are the most beautiful metallic colors, and I just love them! There were made by Barbara. There is also a really cool red beaded triangle stitch marker. I like it because it is on a larger tigertail loop, so it will fit on all of my knitting needles. Thank you, Barbara!!

Knee High on Tall Indians

When I was a kid, one of my Grampa's favorite expressions was "Knee high on tall indians". Well, I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Every day I commute 62 miles to work. One way. It leaves lots of time for reflection. I drive past acres and acres of blueberry bushes, after all, I do live in The Blueberry Capital of the WORLD - did you read that in your best Ringmaster voice? I hope so. After the blueberry bushes I drive through acres and acres of the beautiful Wharton State Forest, then comes the corn. Last week, it was just starting to poke through the ground, and I thought to myself "There is no way we are going to get fresh corn by the 4th of July!". Then it started growing ... and growing ... and growing ... it seems that every night, on my way home, the corn is taller than it was that morning! Some if it is waist-high on tall indians, and some of it is knee-high. That means that there will be corn all summer long!

The blueberries are getting fat and juicy. I can tell that the farmers are getting ready to pick because there is a new feature among the blueberries this week - porta-potties. When they start to deliver the Mr. Bobs you know the pickers are on their way! Next weekend is the Red White and Blueberry Festival. Guess where it is held? Right across the street from our condo complex!! Oh yeah! There will be blueberry pies, blueberry cobbler, blueberry buckle, blueberry slump, blueberry jam, blueberry syrup on blueberry pancakes, blueberry coffee cake, and fresh blueberries in cereal and on ice cream. And that's just at our house ...

Monday, June 18, 2007

I have been knitting!

I know you all think I have been slacking because I haven't been posting - well, not quite so. I have lots of FOs and Near-FOs to show you. First up, Ravenclaw socks for the Hogwarts Sock Swap.

Sorry for the blurry photo - I'm still working on the "macro" setting ... But this does show the stitch detail of the design. I really liked this pattern - it is called Diamonds In the Rough by Dawn Friske (KalamazooKnits Pattern #13). It is a very easy to follow lace pattern with a 16 row repeat. These socks were knit with KnitPicks 100% Merino Superwash that I dyed myself using Wilton food colors.

Second up, Tiger Socks. I bought this skein of Opal Rainforest yarn last year, and I am just now getting around to knitting it up. This will be a pair of socks for me. I normally do not like plain/ribbed socks, but I decided the pattern of this colorway really needed to be highlighted, and not hidden with a stitch pattern.

I've also been busy with the Hogwart's Sock Kit Swap, and have my bag ready to go. I am almost finished with my Felted Bag Swap, and will have progress pics by the end of the week :)

See ... I have been knitting ... Oh, and eating DimSum with my daughter, The Uber-Talented Jenn, and her two favorite fellas.