Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Invasion of the Stitch Markers

The Stitch Markers are here!! So far, I have received 3 sets of stitch markers:

These lovelies arrived first. I love the blue and green beads, and they are made with copper wire. They were sent to me by Jessica. She's in Alabama, and has an online shop. Thank you, Jessica!!

These were next - They are beautiful! I love the hearts and the milky white swirls above them. I've been lusting after some heart stitch markers I saw on Etsy, and these are even prettier. Thank you, Brenda!!

Yesterday, the most unusual stitchmarkers arrived. They are the lovliest puffy stars, and light as a feather! They are the most beautiful metallic colors, and I just love them! There were made by Barbara. There is also a really cool red beaded triangle stitch marker. I like it because it is on a larger tigertail loop, so it will fit on all of my knitting needles. Thank you, Barbara!!

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