Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lint for Lent

I joined another KAL - Lint for Lent. The idea is that you commit to 30 minutes of charity knitting every day during the Lenten season. I normally do some charity knitting every week, and I made the commitment to knit a little more for others. I have three projects I am currently working on. These projects are also Stash-Along projects, so I am getting double the knitty goodness from them :)

The first project is a mint green baby sweater. I got the back finished, and one side of the front. But I don't like how the pattern is working out at the shoulders, so I am going to frog a couple of inches and try again.

The second project is a blue burial wrap for The Preemie Project. I haven't tried this pattern before, but it is really easy. I think they also call this Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth. You start at the corner, and increase one stitch on each side every other row with a YO, creating an eyelet edge. With this pattern, the square is worked, then a triangle is joined to the square by running ribbon through the eyelet edge. This forms a pouch for the baby and the sides are wrapped around. This one is almost finished. I just have a couple of inches to go on the triangle, then I need to put it all together.

The third project is hats for homeless teenagers in a group home in Atlantic City called Covenant House. I have several balls of miscellaneous yarn that I have accummulated - you know, that yarn you see in the yarn shop and just have to have a couple of balls of it ... The green hat is made from Cascade 220 in lime green (remember when this color was called "acid" green??), navy blue, and a lime/navy/teal varigated. The light blue-teal varigated hat is made with 50:50 wool and soy silk. It feels very soft, and I think it would make a great hat for a girl.

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